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Memorize and learn the name, location and function of more than 600 muscles, 206 bones, nearly 60 organs, 150 named nerves and 150 named blood vessels, and dozens of joints in the human body.

  • Patterned after popular trivia games, Clinical Anatomy contains 1,800 facts about the human body, presented as six categories of questions and answers in a boxed set of 300 cards.

  • Clinical Anatomy has been reviewed and endorsed by Dr. Marshall Anderson, Professor of Biology at Kansas City's Rockhurst College, and proven by Occupational and Physical Therapy graduate students.

  • Clinical Anatomy is a fun way for students to learn gross anatomy in study groups. It provides an excellent study tool ideal for review of gross anatomy prior to board examinations.

  • Clinical Anatomy works exceptionally well when used in conjunction with Clinically Oriented Anatomy by Keith L. Moore or Essential Clinical Anatomy by Keith L. Moore and Anne M.R. Agur.

Here's what Occupational and Physical Therapy graduate students using the Clinical Anatomy study cards have discovered:

"These cards helped me to better prepare for major exams in gross anatomy, and challenged my understanding and comprehension of the intricate components of the human body. I strongly believe "Clinical Anatomy" helped me to get an "A" in gross anatomy."
Craig Stinson, MOTS, Class of 2000.

"I found the clinical anatomy cards to be very helpful. As the course progressed, I was able to constantly review previous material, saving both time and effort in preparation for my gross anatomy final."
Tim M. Bray, MPTS, Class of 2000.

"These cards helped me more than I could have imagined. They served as an excellent source of review, and I highly recommend them to any student who wishes to prepare for their board exam."
Meg Wright, OTR, Class of 1997.

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